Saturday, March 19, 2011

Crochet night @ Cabin Fever Cafe

I've found my new favourite cafe. True to it's name, Cabin Fever is a very small space but the awesome retro design and accessories more than make up for that. One of my favourite features is the wall of one-off tea cups and saucers. Patrons select which lovely tea cup they would like to sup their beverage from and it's brought to you with a funky tray and tea pot, to offset your choice.

I was there for a crochet night and it was a fantastic little venue to do some crafting. (The fact that I didn't immediately get the hang of the crocheting didn't do anything to dampen my enthusiasm and in fact I ordered a 'how to' book on crocheting as soon as I got home - watch this space for more on that.)

The food menu is brief but what I tried (corn & zucchini muffin) was really yummy, and I hear tell they make a mean cheese toastie. Ruth, the manager, is just lovely and I can't recommend this place enough. Check it out in Bon Marche Arcade, off Barrack Street. I'll definitely be going back, and might just take my knitting...

My tea cup of choice, with my crochet hook and yarn:
Preparations for crafting:
Tea cups to choose from:
Zucchini & corn muffin and coffee:
Chai tea and retro tea spoon:
L's tea cup and tray choice:


Laura said...

Oh yes, we definitely must go back! :)

El Literate said...

Would love to hang out there but as I no longer work in the city I kind of dont get in there much!!!