Saturday, May 14, 2011

The big pile of books that arrived in time for a long weekend. All hail Book Depository.

Knitting & supplies:

My big bag of bargains that I picked up at Spotlight - only a couple of dollars each.
Knitting up a swatch to check the gauge for my cardigan. (I've actually made huge progress on the cardigan since this was taken - shows how long it's been since I posted anything.)
A spot of public knitting in Mt Lawley with S. This is the start of a seed stitch scarf that I have now finished and will be donating to charity.
My pink scarf and S's knitted t-shirt.


I made a chickpea curry from scratch a few weeks ago. I always love using my mortar & pestle and grinding up spices. It feels nicely old-worldy and traditional.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Breakfast at Tiger, Tiger:

A former work colleague and I have taken to catching up over breakfast. (See previous blog on The Greenhouse for our prior catch-up.)

This time round we went to Tiger,Tiger on Murray Street. It definitely paid to get there at about 7:15 and place our order as soon after that there was a steady queue of people for take-away coffees.

We both ordered 'The Tiger' which consisted of two poached eggs on sourdough with avocado and rosamond sauce (which I think was chutney mixed with mayo). It was pretty good and the coffee was great.

One thing that put me off was that the menu states "No variations please. Why? For many, many reasons." What the? Why a chef can't make slight changes to an order when they are making it fresh is beyond me.

Sushi at home:

One of the munchkins' favourite meals they often ask me to make is home-made sushi (norimaki). One of them likes tuna, the other likes chicken, so I always do about six or seven rolls, mixing the two.

Given that I would choose sushi as my last meal were I ever in such a situation, I love that the munchkins love sushi too, so I'm always more than happy to make some up. I also love washing the rice before I cook it - it seems like such an old-worldy thing to do, and I love the tradition of it. (And I collect all the water to put on the garden, so there is no waste either.)

Sushi with sakura cherry blossom decorations for Spring (even though it's Autumn):
The tuna ones:Kewpie mayo and wasabi (as arranged by one of the munchkins):